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Talk to me!    My name is Sharon Early. I'm a 26 year old Christian learning to live the abundant life with my sweet husband. In my spare time I watch the Big Bang Theory, read books, exercise, and surprise people with just how much I love Lord of the Rings and other apparently nerdy things. I am working on imperfect progress.

For any parents out there…

What is the best part of having children? Do you really get that magical feeling once you have your own? Even if you haven’t liked kids in the past? What makes it worth it?

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I wish Vitameatavegamin was a real thing. 
I’m tired, run-down, listless, I poop out at parties, and I’m unpopular. 

I wish Vitameatavegamin was a real thing. 

I’m tired, run-down, listless, I poop out at parties, and I’m unpopular. 

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Sweet, sweet nephew.

Sweet, sweet nephew.

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I’m struggling with Facebook.

I have kept my Facebook mostly deactivated for quite a while now. I realized that, in my personal journey through life, Facebook allowed in more bad than good. I hated how it brought out the judgmental side in me—when I saw someone post an idiotic status or stupid-looking selfie I would sit there thinking how ridiculous they were. And I realized that I was the one in the wrong—-more so than the person posting word vomit, I was sitting there having these mean thoughts about them. I also got sick of everyone posting their lives on Facebook, and expecting ME to post my life on Facebook, instead of talking directly to each other about things. I remember an instance where my father-in-law (a Facebook addict in denial) got mad at me for changing my profile picture to one of me and my dog instead of me and Matthew. I think that was probably one of many breaking points. I was also doing a Bible Study at the time that asked the very convicting question, “How are you benefiting from the things you devote your time to?” I don’t remember if that was the exact wording, but it was something like that. I just remember feeling like Facebook was just a dirty, garbage-y thing in my life. So I deactivated it. 

Well, I recently met some of Matthew’s missionary friends who live in Africa, and their young kids wanted to add me on Facebook, so I said I’d try to get on there more. Also, some organizations in Cartersville that I have become involved with communicated mainly through Facebook, so it’s hard to stay in the loop if I don’t check it. So anyway, I’m back on there and I don’t really like it. It’s hard to stay above the negativity and hot mess-ness. A lot of things posted on Facebook are triggering for me, and those things are pretty much posted by people I don’t need to be friends with on there anyway. Maybe I’ll just thin out my friends list. Facebook and Twitter just annoy me because they have created a population of people who believe that their every thought and opinion is worth sharing with the world (this population included me several years ago). Whatever happened to keeping your mouth shut? Or, if you wanted to talk about something, talking about it WITH the person it involves, face to face, instead of posting passive-aggressively about it on Facebook, and when people comment and say “What’s wrong?” you say “Oh, I’d rather not talk about it.” I’m going off on a tangent here. Facebook is a hot-mess tabloid for regular people. Maybe I should just tell people I don’t do Facebook, period. I don’t know. HELP! 

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You know…

With the exception of yoga yesterday morning, I haven’t worked out in two weeks. And I don’t particularly care. I know I need to get back on the horse, but I just haven’t been beating myself up about it. And it’s frustrating because when I DO work out regularly, the scale doesn’t budge anyway. My clothes are still too tight and my stupid stomach is still too pudgy. So, whatever. And last night I ate a huge plate of nachos.

The other night, Matthew and I sat down to watch our new Jim Gaffigan DVD when I casually mentioned, “You know, Jim is coming to Atlanta in October. Last time he came through I didn’t get tickets and I always regretted it, and this time I haven’t gotten tickets either. Oh well. No worries” Well, Matthew immediately disappeared into his office and promptly bought 2 tickets to see Jim Gaffigan on October 24! I did this: 

Our family vacation is coming up and it seems already destined to be spoiled because my grandparents are being dragged along. I don’t have fun, happy grandparents. I have negative grandparents who specialize in complaining and criticism. Their laundry list already includes:

  1. What if we are claustrophobic in our room?
  2. We aren’t going to like our room because it doesn’t have a balcony.
  3. How dare you girls wear bikinis?
  4. Why would your husbands want you to be half naked?
  5. The drive is going to be too long.
  6. We have to find a church to go to twice on Sunday and once on Wednesday because those are the rules of being a Christian.

The list goes on. And on. And on. I get really mad at them. My mom is really looking forward to this trip because she wants us all together, but they seem intent on ruining it. And none of us are supposed to say anything, because they will victimize themselves and “it will only make things worse.” 

This is where I sometimes wish I was a drinker! 

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I made a big cheesy lasagna for Matthew tonight. Then I cleaned the whole house in a flash before I sat down with a big ol salad topped with feta cheese and MAPLE BALSAMIC!!!!! I could drink a bottle of that stuff.

After that we were sitting on the couch when Kevin started darting around the house meowing at the top of his lungs. He was walking all hunched over so I grabbed him and took him to his litter box. He barely made it inside in time before he had explosive diarrhea. You wanted to know that, right? I’m wondering if his stomach is upset because I changed his food. I got him some stuff for urinary tract health because he tends to get UTIs every so often.

We were just about to watch our new Jim Gaffigan DVD when our buddy Diego showed up with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. It’s the little things.

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Am I weird?

Has anyone else ever had a fit of laughing really hard, and after the high from laughing so much went away, you felt sad for no apparent reason? 

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I used to be so afraid of looking at pictures of myself from the past.

"I was so pretty, why didn’t I realize it? I don’t look that way anymore."

"My weight looked so good on me, why didn’t I realize it? I don’t look that way anymore."

"I looked so young and nice, why…

Well dad gum. 

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"If I can encourage you with silly football analogies and my own real-life pain, I’m telling you straight up — stay. When you’re too weary and disillusioned to do anything else, keep staying. God is working out your faith. He’s moving in ways you can’t even dream of. He’s got a comeback plan (though He’s never truly behind). So do whatever it takes…Just don’t leave. Hang in there, you. Upsets are especially thrilling."
Kelly Minter, No Other Gods 
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